Salazar Pakyo feat. Alyshah – Finer Things

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When we think of the finer things, what goes through our head? Is it hanging from a helicopter on a rope ladder, bottle of champagne in the other hand, flying into a Mediterranean sunset? Is it flipping a Bugatti Veyron for a music video just because you can? Is it rolling into the club with the sole purpose of reminding everyone of what a gigantic douche you are, as seems to be the custom in many an Ibiza super club? Well The Bearded Man don’t play that way. For him, it’s decorating fancy cakes. There, he said it. His currency is frosting, and his canvas is fold-out tables everywhere. On one of his bigger gigs, they called him down to Medellín to create the most epic pure white cake imaginable, for a certain high roller in town. You guessed it, it was Salazar Pakyo. Salazar was waiting with a tray full of exotic fruit juices in a cream-colored suit. The Bearded Man felt like he was in an episode of Narcos as soon as he entered the compound. Then he saw the incomparable beauty of Alyshah sitting by the pool, and he knew this was big time. One thing’s for sure: they don’t call him the cake boss for nothing. Wait a minute, what show was this again?

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